Who can use the DSC space?
The DSC is designated as a space for faculty and doctoral students engaged in research and instruction. Others are welcome when attending events or meetings held in the DSC. It’s also possible to get regular access to the space for a semester if you are working on a project that requires access to DSC resources.

How do I request access to the DSC space?
To request special access, please contact us at dsc@neu.edu and let us know about your situation.

How can I find out about workshops and training events in the DSC?
Please see our Events page for a calendar of events.

How do I sign up for a DSC event?
Some events are open for drop-in. If the event requires registration, information will be provided in the event listing.

Can I book spaces in the DSC for a meeting or event?
Yes, several of the DSC spaces can be booked, and the space as a whole can also be booked for receptions and other larger events. For details of the spaces available, and a booking form, please visit The Space.